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Handicraft tips

Decoration, window images and small accessories that give your wrapped Christmas gifts the final touch:
In stores you can find a huge selection of great ideas and products of high-quality. Have you ever thought of making these nice little pieces by yourself? Maybe you can do that together with your children or grandchildren at an advent weekend in December

craft tip 3d christmas figures

3D Christmas figures

The traditional figures Angel and Miner from the folk art region “Erzgebirge” inspired us to this actual handicraft tip. With this handicraft tip you will succeed easily, even without a lathe or a carving knife, and create your own little artwork.

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craft tip glamorous decoration for your christmas table

Glamorous decoration for your Christmas table

Your family will not believe their eyes, when immerse your Christmas table into a festive atmosphere with homemade star doilies, napkin holders, table ribbons or litter asterisks. With our handicrafts and a little dexterity you will easily succeed these pieces of jewellery.

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festive decoration for your windows

Festive decoration for your windows

Christmas time, time for doing handicrafts! With this Christmas tutorial you can easily conjure transparent window images. Festive designs will give your windows and doors Christmassy glamor. By the way: nice neighbours will certainly be pleased about self-made door-decorations, too.

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craft tip decorative stars

Decorative stars

In this small handicrafts decorative snow-stars are produced with very little effort which can be used in many ways: For example, as a window decoration, as doilies under incencense smoker and pyramid, as Christmas tree decorations or – stucked – as christmassy-card-design.

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handicraft tip reindeer renate

Reindeer Renate

With the help of our template, al ittle bit of cleverness and fantasy you can easily create your own little reindeer. Design and decorate the helper of Santa Claus the way you want – you have much more possibilities than the red nose.

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handicraft tip romantic tealight

Romantic tealights

We show you how easy it is to turn an empty jam jar into a decorative tea light. We have already prepared two motifs for you, one for the Winter and one for Christmas. It just needs a few steps and your individual tea light will spread its romantic atmosphere in your home.

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