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Decorative Stars

In this small handicrafts decorative snow-stars are produced with very little effort which can be used in many ways: For example, as a window decoration, as doilies under incencense smoker and pyramid, as Christmas tree decorations or – stucked – as christmassy-card-design.


So funktioniert die kleine Bastelei:

  • At first please open the craft-file and print them out on paper. The sheet of construction paper contains a big and two small stars.
  • Cut out the squares along the dotted line.
  • Then fold the paper in sequence on the gray dotted lines. The letters show you the right order.
  • Now cut out along the thick black lines with some sharp scissors.

When tinkering the big star please fold the paper once after cutting the first corner. Afterwards you can cut the remaining forms.
Notice: The stars do not always have to be printed on white paper, you can use colored paper as well. You can paint the cut out stars with markers or water colors.

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