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Reindeer Renate

With the help of our template, a little bit of cleverness and fantasy you can easily create your own little reindeer. Design and decorate the helper of Santa Claus the way you want – you have much more possibilities than the red nose.

How to create the reindeer:

  • Print the crafting template and paint your reindeer in your favourite colours.
  • Cut every part and perforate the paper at the printed lines. Hint: You can use a knife, but be careful and use a firm underground
  • Fold the head, neck and body according to the crafting template.
  • Stick the several glue straps together so that the reindeer gets its shape. Hint: It is better to start with the head and stick the antler on it. Subsequently you can stick neck and head together and put them on the body.
  • If your reindeer is a little bit shaky on its feet, press the hoofes together.

Now your own Renate is finished.

Our tip: Share your self-made masterpiece with others in our Christmas gallery and get inspired by different reindeer creations.

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