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Romantic tealight for your home

We show you how easy it is to turn an empty jar of jam into a decorative tea light. We have already prepared two motifs for you, one for the winter and one for Christmas. It just needs a few steps and your individual tea light will spread its romantic atmosphere in your home.


How to create the tea light:

  • Take a small jar (for example an empty jar of jam, apple puree or horse radish.) Hint: The diameter should not be greater than 8,5 cm
  • Open one of our design templates and print it.
  • Cut the white borders at each side and separate the two motifs in the middle.
  • Wind the paper until both ends can be sticked together.
  • Now put the paper over your jar and light your tea light.

Our tip: The paper will be more transparent if you put a little bit of salad oil on it.

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