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Herrnhut Stars

Herrnhut Stars

Christmas time it’s not just the pyramids and candelabras that shed an atmospheric light – the popular Herrnhut Stars (also known as Moravian Stars) also cast their enchanting glow throughout the Advent period. In their typical jagged shape, they shine in living rooms, from church spires and in the streets of festively decorated towns.

As a representation of the star of Bethlehem, they are a traditional symbol of hope, fascinating those who see them and radiating confidence even today.

Did you know…?

Traditionally, the Herrnhut Advent star was made within the family. Together they would fold the individual components, put them together and hang the finished star in celebration on the first Sunday of Advent.

History – how 25 spikes were made to shine

The success story of these Advent stars begins in the early 19th century, when they adorned the halls and rooms of the parish of Niesky for Epiphany. After just a short time, the stars of the Oberlausitz region began to enjoy increasing popularity across the country, eventually enabling the introduction of serial production, which has never stopped since.

Herrnhut Stars

The star manufacturer in Herrnhut produces these beautiful Christmas stars with their 25 spikes in various colours, sizes and materials. In addition to the classic paper variety, the stars are also now made of plastic, allowing them to withstand the wintry conditions and their light to break through even the thickest flurries of snow.

Whether big or small, white or red, there’s one thing that all Herrnhut Stars have in common: their festive glow has never lost its splendour, as to date they are still made by hand. Their sparkle and gleam will continue to light up the dark winter months.

Herrnhut Stars History

The star manufacturer