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Pepper cake

Among the many delicious treats on the table over Christmas, Pfefferkuchen (also sometimes known as Lebkuchen) are one of the best-loved.

Filled or plain, with or without chocolate coating, this gingerbread-like speciality comes in the most varied of shapes, decorations and nuances of flavour. Its aroma of warm spice promises a truly extraordinary taste sensation, and is particularly hankered after during the Advent period.

The Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen has made its name as a Saxon speciality. At the various Pfefferkuchen bakeries in Pulsnitz, true masters and artists mould the most wonderful figures and imaginative decorations – here between the Pfefferkuchen hearts and carvings you will find the kind of fairy tale gingerbread houses that Hansel and Gretel also had trouble resisting.

Pepper cake

Did you know…?

Each of the nine Pfefferkuchen bakeries in Pulsnitz (in which the tradition of this indulgent delicacy is carried on) has its own special house recipe. Various spice mixes give the little cakes from each individual manufacturer an inimitable and unique flavour.

History – how ‘pepper’ came to cooking

The basic ingredients of this festive indulgence are flour and honey, seasoned with plenty of spice. The result is left to rest for a few weeks or even months until its delicate aroma develops. The tasty Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen owes its name to a town in the Saxon region of Oberlausitz, where it has been made since 1558.

Of course, the Pfefferkuchen is not characterised by a sharp dose of what we know as pepper today. In the Middle Ages, oriental spices such as cinnamon and clove were grouped under the collective term ‘pepper’ – and the name “Pfefferkuchen” has stuck to this day.

Become a Pfefferkuchen baker yourself

Set off on a brief journey through time at the Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen show workshop. The small museum takes you back to a Pfefferkuchen bakery from the year 1900, where you can admire the historical machines and old shop layout, or try your hand at baking and decorating your own Pfefferkuchen in the bakehouse.

Pfefferkuchen enjoy an excellent reputation thanks to recipes treasured down the ages and the skill of the Pulsnitz bakers… And the town of Pulsnitz rightfully deserves its title “Pfefferkuchen city”.

With its centuries-old tradition and delicate varieties of flavour, Pfefferkuchen are quite simply a Christmas treat to which young and old alike will gladly help themselves.

Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen Museum