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Plauen lace

Plauener Spitze®

Plauener Spitze has been famed around the world as a product of Saxon textile art for over 120 years. Generations of family manufacturing businesses dedicate themselves partly to loving handicraft. The precious filigree embroidery makes interior design dreams come true in the form of drapes and table cloths. It also adorns bridal and festive wear, lingerie and dessous, enchanting its wearer at every turn.

Table linen and window dressing made of Plauen lace enjoy great popularity particularly at Christmas time. Sophisticated seasonal motifs and fine materials immerse your rooms in a festive magnificence, so why not indulge yourself or spoil your loved ones with a very special gift?

Plauener Spitze®

Did you know…?

Lace is as old as fashion itself and originally comes from Italy. As a product of 16th century Renaissance art, lace gave the ostentatious clothes of this period the last word in chic.

Milan, Plauen, Paris – a success story

Plauen lace and embroidery are rooted in a centuries-old tradition of textile-making in and around Plauen. As far back as the 15th century, Plauen was a centre for clothmaking and cotton weaving; the embroidery industry as such can be said to date from 1780. With the development of the machine-embroidered tulle, guipure and etched lace in 1880, the scene was set for an economic boom in the Vogtland, particularly the town of Plauen. Etched or also guipure lace began to sweep the world under the name “Plauener Spitze”.

At the World’s Fair held in Paris in 1900, Plauener Spitze was awarded the Grand Prix on 18th August. After a decline in fortunes as a result of the war and the centralist approach of contract work during the GDR years, the region’s lace business has visibly picked up once more. Today around 50 businesses are active in the sector. The individual businesses belong to the trade association Plauener Spitze und Stickereien e. V. for the purposes of brand protection, and Plauener lace is now once again sought after on the national and international market.

Particularly valuable clothes and examples of Plauen embroidery art as well as sophisticated embroidery techniques from various periods can be admired on a visit to the Plauen Embroidery Museum at the old Plauen Rathaus (town hall).

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