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Saxony wines

Did you know that many a fine wine flourishes in sunny Saxony? The almost Mediterranean climate of the Elbe Valley’s warm southern slopes offers ideal conditions for a number of delicious grape varieties in the northernmost winegrowing region in Germany. Whether Riesling, Müller-Thurgau or Weißburgunder, the sunny environment and austere soil gives Saxon wine a very special, cool, yet sensual charm.

Schloss Wackerbarth

vineyards Schloss Wackerbarth at the Elbe
vineyards of Schloss Proschwitz

On the trail of Saxony wines

It is perhaps best to explore Saxon winegrowing land by visiting the vineyards, which are predominantly found on the terrace-shaped slopes of the Elbe. Numerous vineyards between Meißen and Pirna are a wonderful invitation for sampling the products, taking a tour or enjoying the promotional events.

Did you know…?

With just 462 hectares of vineyard, Saxony is one of the smallest production areas in Germany. The tradition dates back some while: wine has been cultivated on the banks of the Elbe near Dresden for more than 800 years. Significant quantities of Goldriesling are produced only here, making it a Saxon wine through and through.

Events as a hint

Schloss Wackerbarth

The charming guides from Saxony’s Castle Wackerbarth State Winery take their guests on a tour of the vineyard and cellar. Advance booking is highly recommended, as the wine/sparkling wine tours with sampling prove extremely popular.

Tour of the vineyard and cellar

Schloss Proschwitz

Here’s another special tip for all vinophile Christmas romantics: Proschwitz Castle offers you the chance to prepare for the beautiful Christmas period during the first weekend of Advent. The castle and grounds radiate true Christmas splendour; Saxon artisans offer their goods for sale and the Prinz zur Lippe distillery serves its fine brandies and wines.

Christmas at Chateau Proschwitz

A fine Saxon wine makes for a stylish and tasteful Christmas gift. Otherwise, Christmas is best enjoyed at the Christmas market – with a warming glass of Glühwein in your hand, of course!

As wine appeals to all senses, the acoustic side of things is not neglected either. The Meißen Winzerchor (winegrowers’ choir) has dedicated its repertoire to the pleasures of wine, and sings various drinking and folk songs at wine festivals.